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This is more a workflow question, I think?


I have run out of space on my laptop (I'm sure everyone hears that all the time), so am thinking I should  transfer my Aperture library to my external drive. No big deal, and I'm fine with that. When I'm traveling I really never have to adjust/edit/print older photos anyways.


What I am wondering is, as part of a workflow do the much-wiser-than-me folks here recommend that I:

- move my Aperture library (managed) to my external drive

- keep new images I add as referenced files on my internal drive, so I can continue to edit while traveling

- when done editing the newer images, then move those to be managed files on my externally held Aperture library when I get home


Or is that total silliness, and my Aperture library should always be on my internal drive, and I should instead just move all of my now-managed images to be referenced images on an external drive? I think I'm missing understanding the benefits of keeping images managed as much as possible.


I don't have enough images (I'm not a pro) that I need to have a ton of libraries (I don't really get the concept of having multiple libraries, though, and like to be able to "see" all my images when traveling, including the ones I've rates 3+ stars, for example)


Much thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)