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I backed up my iphoto library since the latest software update wanted to update the library as well.  Any solution?

iPhoto '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    I am having a similar problem.  My hard disk had to be replaced.  I didn't have my old iPhoto installation disk/software so I purchased the lastest version 9.4.3.  After installation, I copied my iPhoto library from the newest file on my time machine to my hard disk and then imported it into iPhoto.  IPhoto prompted me to update the library, so I did.  The majority of my photos are there and in good shape.  However, I've found so far 13 events where the key photo as well as all the photos in the event are a blank grey thumbnail.  I can view the photo info, but not the photo itself.  If I scroll away from those event and then back the thumbnail pic will flash for a fraction of a second, but then back to the grey.


    Things I've already tried:

    rebuilt the iPhoto library 4 times (I read sometimes it take 3-4 times)

    repair the thumbnails 4 times

    plus the other two options in the repair/rebuild section, once each

    searching for the file name on my computer via spotlight

    exporting the photo onto my desktop


    None have worked yet.  Any solutions?

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    the permission repair worked for me

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    Thank you for the reply.  I'm glad that worked for you!  Sadly it did not for me.  I even rebooted the computer after for good measure.