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I am very satisfied with my iPod SHUFFLE (last version), especially with the VoiceOver function which is (quite) able to  identify correctly which language is being used in every song: For a Norwegian artist / a song in Norwegian, the artist and title is pronounced in Norwegian; for a French artist / a song in French, the artist and title is pronounced in French; for an English artist / a song in English, the artist and title is pronounced in English etc. A really impressive and useful function!

I was very surprised and dissatisfied to find that my new iPod nano 7th generation does not seem to work this way: I am able to select the language to be used in VoiceOver, but then this language is used in everything that is pronounced. Most of my music is in English language, so this is what I have selected. But to hear Norwegian artists' names and Norwegian titles pronounced with an English-speaking voice is quite disturbing.


I believe I have been through all possible settings in the nano and in iTunes to correct this, but I am unable to find a solution. I have also asked people at an Apple store, but they were unable to help. Can anybody help? Or is it really possible that this excellent function has been removed?


(Could it be that the previous version of iTunes could fix the problem? I have installed the last one, v.

iPod nano, Windows XP