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Once in a while when importing from my camera (Sony A99) RAW format, I get the Unsupported Image Format on a few pics of the batch. It's random so I'm not sure when it would happen. The only way I find that will fix those images is launch aperture into repair "repair database". It's not a deal breaker as I don't lose any files but it's bit annoying and not sure why this is the case. Any ideas how to permanatly stop this?

  • William Lloyd Level 7 Level 7

    Have you tried simply restarting Aperture to see if it fixes the issue?


    If that doesn't, you can probably select the image and select "reprocess master."  Usually a full database repair shouldn't be necessary.  As to why it happens, I don't know.  I've seen this as well, but like twice ever and I've been using Aperture since it was released in 2005.

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    Where do I go to reprocess master? Couldn't find it anywhere.

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    Where do I go to reprocess master? Couldn't find it anywhere.

    In Aperture 3 this option is in the "Photos" menu:

    Aperture's main menu bar > Photos > Reprocess Original


    Does this always happen with the same card? When have you last reformatted the card? Perhaps the filesystem on the card needs repairing or you should try a different card.



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    I see this regularly ( one or two files, every other time I import?) with the built-in SDHC card reader on my rMBP.  What I do is simply note which files are corrupt, immediately re-import those files, and then delete the corrupt ones (sorted by date, they are side-by-side with their non-corrupt twin).  Iirc, only once have I had to re-re-import a file that failed to import properly on the first try.


    I reformat (in camera) each card every time I fill it (and recommend this practice), but IME (casually observed and not tested) the problem originates with the built-in card reader, and not with the card.  How are you importing?


    Perhaps only a coincidence, but I use Sony cameras.  I don't recall this ever happening with a CF card though.  (The rMBP does not have a CF reader.)