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I have an Intel iMac Model 8,1 Running Snow Leopard (10.6.8), and a 4th Gen iPad. Is there any way that I can import my Mac Addressbook from my iMac to the iPad so that I don't have to manually enter over 1,100 names and email addresses?


My installed iTunes (v11.0.3) function for synchronizing the two units tells me that Contacts are sync'ed only via iCLoud, which, or course is only available with OS 7.0 and above. I cannot uppgrade my iMac above Snow Leopard without losing application compatibility on both a major contact database program, and an engineering drawing software program, with thousands of manhours and dollars worth of valuable files, that have been generated over many years past, neither software applications of which are supported by OS 10.7 and above.


I cannot believe that Apple would be so blindsighted to this type of issue and there must be some work-around.

iPad, iOS 6.1.3