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I've been going through my photos and moving some from one project to another, creating new projects and making albums within projects. When I copy all photos of some projects and combine them with photos of another projects, some photos will not transfer over but instead become darkened. For the ones that become darkened, a new photo (version) is put in the new project but the orginal stays where it is but becomes darkened. I think it has to do with the fact that the darkened photos are also posted to either my wife's or my Facebook page. If this is the problem, is there a way to move these photos around correctly without leaving a darkened photo in the orginal project (which I am hoping to delete) without messing with my Facebook albums? If this is not the reason why some photos won't fully move to their new location and become darkened, please help.


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Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hi Brian,


    I was hoping someone else would jump in -- I don't use Facebook, and so can't offer advice there except to say that you are likely correct that you can't move Images out of Projects after they are in a Facebook Album (iirc).  A quick search of the forum should turn up useful Facebook-specific information.


    I would like to direct you to this short guide I wrote.  It seems that, like me and others, you have been unwittingly lead down the wrong path by Apple's clumsy (to put it nicely) naming of the special Aperture containers called "Projects".  The short of it is this: _store_ your Images in Projects by shoot; _organize_ your projects (with a small "p") using Albums.  Trying to use Projects for your projects will lead you to many difficulties, including the one you have discovered.  I have written more on this.  If you are interested, my comments are here.





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    Thanks for your reply. I can see how organizing groupings of clips can be helpful if left together as shoots. I guess I could then create Albums outiside those Projects to better organize my photos but my wife and I like the visual feeling of the projects and key photos of Projects. This all started because we wanted an easier way to find photos so I started renaming them with descriptors but first listing a date (yyyy-mm-dd) so they would fall in order by date. But then I had several "Projects" or shoots that seemed like they should be grouped together because they happened as part of a long weekend. This is where my problem started. I guess I could go back and "ungroup" these Projects or restore an earlier version of my library from time machine. Anyway, thanks for your advice and all the work you put into your posts. I found your short guide and earlier post to be very helpful.