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I have a winclone image of my old bootcamp partition, but when i try to restore it i face an error massage "Boot Camp only supports booting Windows from the first four partitions.  You cannot restore to partition 6". I googled and find some results people said I shoud reorder my partitions with "GPT fdisk". But there is no tutorial or doc available to reordering partitions. How can I do it?

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    Have a backup of all of your partitions before you make changes here.  Errors that might arise with repartitioning can lead to data loss in some or all partitions.


    Use a virtual machine?  Parallels or Fusion are the two common choices.  The VM avoids the need for rebooting, and provides flexibility around disk images, rather than disk partitions.


    Older Windows partitioning used MBR partitioning, and there are four partitions available in the MBR.  GPT (GUID) partitioning has many more partition slots available.  It's likely your OS X system is already using GPT partitioning, too; that's typical with most OS X systems.  GPT Partitioning Background: Apple Secrets of the GPT (TN2166).


    Usual tools for shuffling partitions and for setting up for Boot Camp are Boot Camp Assistant and also see Two Canoes (source of WinClone) has a write-up for working with larger drives, and (in general) you cannot use Fusion Drives (HT5446) here.  But in general, a VM will probably be easiest.