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We recently purchased an Apple TV and it's great but we have two rooms with wifi connected TV and i'm wondering if we can get the one connected to the apple tv to broadcast to the other one.  We can broadcast to the apple tv from all our phones, computers and tablets.  I have tried to get the TVs to talk to eachother but I can't find any info to assist with this related to the apple tv. I thought that Apple TV actually broadcasted over wifi?

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    I'm afraid it doesn't really work that way. AppleTVs are just there to receive streams from other iOS devices, and access iTunes media from a PC/Mac.


    Though, you can stream media from one device to multiple AppleTVs. Just get the Remote app (from the AppStore) for iPhone/iPad and follow the instructions to get it connected to your iTunes library. Here is a screen shot of how it looks from my iPad, which is accessing my PC's iTunes library:



    I hope that helps!


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    Thanks Jon. I must have misunderstood a friend who once told me he could listen to music from his computer anywhere in his house. The app sounds great. Shall download it now. Thanks for your help.