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I recently got ahold of a MacBook – the slightly overpriced black version – and, since I am frequent user of Exposé, immediately noticed a weird defect. The function keys (F8-F10) are used on the MacBook Pro to regulate the keyboard background light, but since this feature is absent from the MacBook, I assumed that pressing F9 would result in all windows showing up. It did not. However, if I press the fn key, the result is as expected: Exposé does its magic.

So, my question to whom it concerns is: does everyone experience this problem? The keyboard seems to be, incorrectly, mapped as a MBP keyboard.

An additional detail: I live in Sweden and hence, the MacBook has a Swedish keyboard layout. It would be interesting to know if all MacBooks behave like this or just the Swedish versions of them. I have not had the chance to test with another MacBook, since we (the university where I work as a Mac support technician, among other things) have only bought one, so far.

Thanks in advance!

Per H

MacBook 2.0 GHz (black)   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

MBP 17"   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
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    Can you map them differently in System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts?
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    In the "Keyboard & Mouse" preference pane you have to disable the option "Use F1-F12 keys to control software features". Then everything should be back to normal ...
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    No, what I mean is that on the MacBook, the F9 key is only an F9 key – it does not have any other function. It does not control the hardware feature "less keyboard illumination, please". It should behave just like the F11 key does on the MacBook Pro: since there is no "hardware feature", send the "F11 key pressed" command.
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    mebbe u can customise dis combination for something else? that's y they haven't made it work like that?
  • snorp Level 1 (0 points)
    I will call tech support on Monday and see what their "official" explanation is. I'll get back
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    Then it must be unique to the Swedish keyboard. On my US keyboard and on the Japanese keyboards, F9, F10, and F11 are for Exposé. And of course those settings can be changed in System Preferences.
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    actually, i have US keyboard on new MBP 17 and F9 and F10 are not expose and F11 brings me to desktop.
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    That's because the MBP's keyboard settings are different from the MB, because of the keyboard lighting system (as per the original poster's post).
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    I have similar problem with MacBook (US keyboard) - F8 is still mapped as trigger for keyboard backlight just as on MBP, while MB doesn't have kb backlit at all. I discovered problem when trying to install Windows XP in Parallels - Windows setup asks to press F8 to agree with license before continuing setup. So far I tried everything to make F8 function as simply F8 key with absolutely no luck. Every time I press F8 it not only brings grey transparent screen with some tool icon (presumably the backlit screen) but also bumps keyboard input out of Paralles back to OSX. Nothing so far works, no fn key use, disablig and re-enabling dasboard or expose, no luck.

    I would love to remap this key - please someone tell me how to do it.