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I've tried everything over the course of several months and this one looks the most promising.


Possible Fix:


1.  Open "System Preferences"

2.  Open "Network"

3.  Click on the "Sprocket with down arrow".

4.  Select "Make Service Order"

5.  Move the connection your using (Wifi, Ethernet, etc.) to the top, and click Apply

6.  If you selected Ethernet, then turn OFF Wifi in the top menu

7.  Shut DOWN your computer and then restart after completely shut down.


Let me know how it works for you.......hopefully this is what were looking for.  So simple if it works!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 2012 15.4"2.6GHz i7 QC HRA SSD256GB
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    It'll take some time to determine if this "fixes" the problem but, so far, there's a noticeable improvement!! Thanks for the info!!



  • Mini-Mac Level 3 (805 points)

    Your correct......much improvement.  This is the longest I've gone with out a failure.  Many others worked but only a few hours and then failure.


    Sure would like to hear from others if they've seen a major improvement....only time will tell for sure.

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    Im now at nearly 24 hours without a failure.  This is truly a milestone and the longest I've ever gone without a restart of iTunes or having to log into and waking my computer.  Since I have 4 laptops (late 2012 15" MBP HR Antiglare connected to a 23" ACD, late 2009 15" MBP, late 2011 13" MBA, and late 2011 11" MBA) all with ML 10.8.3 and updated to the latest software.   Im able to do a lot of testing and this has worked on all 4 of them.  BTW, the 11" MBA is my wife's.  So excited, but not getting over confident....yet....but promising anyway!




    2TB Time Capsule (TC) connected to a Motorola cable modem (TWC internet)  and a 1TB TC in Bridge-mode hard wired from the 2TB TC.




    I have 2, 3rd gen ATV's.  I had to restart both of them after making the change in Netowrking to reconnect.