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I have a mObridge box in my Porsche.  When I pair it with my phone (first my 3gs then my new iPhone 5) the phone function works fine (thank god for small favors).  But the A3DP function just hangs.  The A2DP logo is visible in the Music icon and will allow me to select the mObridge box.  But then---nothing.  I contacted mObridge and their response was basically that the Apple Bluetooth stack was so far out of spec that they refuse to deal with it anymore.  They told me to buy a Samsung or HTC phone instead.  I also  live in Santa Cruz and have many friends at Plantronics.  One told me they had a big come to Jesus meeting with Apple over Bluetooth and that fixes could be expected.  When, oh When???


C'mon guys, this is not what we expect from Apple.  Remember "it just works"?  I want my A2DP back!


     David Emberson


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, A2DP
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    "C'mon guys"


    If you're talking to Apple, you won't have any luck.  Apple rarely participates in this forum, which is a user-to-user forum.


    If you want Apple to hear you, go to ...



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    Try your dealership and see if the bluetooth device in your vehicle has a firmware update. This usually fixes this type of issue.

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    A2DP is alive and well here, between my iPhone 4 and a headset.

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    I haven't had any issues with A2DP, and for some reason, I'm doubting that it's *Apple* that's out of spec. The suggestion to buy a Samsung or HTC phone is just laughable too. Here's just one example of the many problems that Android has had with Bluetooth: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24012


    I've found that usually it's the car manufacturer insisting that they're right, when in fact they're way off. Ford has had this issue with mySync for a while too. AFAIK from developer friends, Apple has been following the Bluetooth spec pretty closely. https://developer.bluetooth.org/Pages/Bluetooth-Apple-Developers.aspx even.


    Sounds like the people at m0bridge are a little too proud of their product. Some Amazon reviews and Porsche forum posts kind of indicate this as well. They're punting. If they claim that they aren't dealing with Apple anymore, get rid of the thing and get a Parrot box instead.

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    You can troubleshoot it with the steps in article TS4562



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    Courtesy of Enertia Digital on another thread:


    "To fix the mObridge issue, download their update wizard, make sure the firmware is up to date, and then click on configure and make sure that the volume setting is set to the max (63).  MObridge is going to hard code this fix in their next update."


    This fixed A2DP for me.  I did have to crank the volume to hear incoming phone calls but it all works fine now.

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    So, in other words, it was a firmware issue with the mObridge, not with the Apple device?

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    From this post, its sounding like its nothing to do with your Apple device, but instead the firmware on your third-party device. Not all third-party devices are guaranteed to work, so when they don't its not ususally Apple's fault becuase the third-party manufacturer's are not experts in the manufacture of Apple devices so they don't know all compatibility requirements in a sense.


    Always make sure that you have the latest updates on both devices because the security and other features change and affect the connection between the two.