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I have a mObridge box in my Porsche.  When I pair it with my phone (first my 3gs then my new iPhone 5) the phone function works fine (thank god for small favors).  But the A3DP function just hangs.  The A2DP logo is visible in the Music icon and will allow me to select the mObridge box.  But then---nothing.  I contacted mObridge and their response was basically that the Apple Bluetooth stack was so far out of spec that they refuse to deal with it anymore.  They told me to buy a Samsung or HTC phone instead.  I also  live in Santa Cruz and have many friends at Plantronics.  One told me they had a big come to Jesus meeting with Apple over Bluetooth and that fixes could be expected.  When, oh When???


C'mon guys, this is not what we expect from Apple.  Remember "it just works"?  I want my A2DP back!


     David Emberson


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, A2DP