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I have a new macbook pro and OS X.


I used to send pictures and messages to my friends iphone with Messages from my Macbook.


I just tried this again and while I can send messages succesfully, I cannot send any pictures. I get the error "0742xxx cannot accept file transfers".


It did use to work just fine, I have no idea why it doesnt anymore.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Many thanks

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    If you're sending to the recipient's Apple ID, try the phone number, or vice versa.

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    The phone number was the only ID registered for iMessage. I clicked on the e-mail address and got an error that it wouldnt be registered for iMessage. After that I couldnt change it back to the phone number because the error popped up everytime.


    So I restarted the programme and the phone number was automatically chosen again and I could send the picture without problems.


    If anyone else experiences this problem, try 1) selecting a different ID of the receipient, eg the e-mail address (even if its not registered for iMessage) then 2) switch back to the phone number, or restart imessage to switch back to phone number.


    This at least worked for me.


    Thank you

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    If the 0742xxxx is a partial phone Number it may pay to list it in your Contacts Address Card as an International number.


    If it works on an iPhone as the Phone number for them it is obviously local to your country and you probably need to add the Country Code.



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