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I have a Macbook Pro, mid 2012 with Mountain Lion OS X (10.8.3)

Recently, my wi-fi has been on a very very poor connection, with long bouts of disconnection/slow connection. It'l be working for 2 minutes or so at a normal rate, and then slow down considerably, not load pages, or tell me I have no internet connection

This has nothing to do with the internet connection itself, as someone else living with me uses the wifi on their laptop just fine.


In detail, most times Chrome tells me there is a DNS look up problem/ the Network preferences tab tells me I have no internet connection or no IP address. sometimes, the wifi looks perfectly fine but my internet will lag really slowly


I have tried the following:

renewed the DHCP license

deleted System Configuration

deleted history of all browsers

deleted internet profiles

reset/recovered my computer


I'm desperate, as it seems nothing is working

the person at the Genius Bar said it isn't likely to be a hardware/wifi card problem as my wifi still searches/connects.


Thanks for any help!

MacBook Pro