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I cannot insert my vendor ID ... iTues Producer does not give me the option. I cannot publish until I insert the ID. What to do?

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    sheila_m. Community Specialists Community Specialists (3,245 points)

    Hello sraquinn,


    Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Communities.  I found some information in the iTunes Producer User Guide that might help:


    Note: iTP automatically generates the Vendor ID. iTP creates an iTunes Store Package (iTP package) for your book using the Vendor ID and a .itmsp extension. To manually edit the Vendor ID, choose iTunes Producer > Preferences, click Publication, and then choose “Editable before delivery”.


    I found this information on page 25 of the iTunes Producer User Guide:

    Using iTunes Producer 2.9 for Books



    I hope this helps!



    Sheila M.

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    My attempt to publish an iBook resulted in the name of my file - a complicated name- being assigned to my Apple vendor ID. I could not change it. I hope this answer works for me too.

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    Vendor ID .. a complicated name????


    Unless its been changed in the past few months, a vendor ID looks like this:-   10000123456.itmsp

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    Thank you! Thank you!

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    I put my ISBN in the appropriate field and the Vendor ID disappeared. So I temporarily removed the ISBN to create the Vendor ID. I then made the above mentioned change to the preferences. That then made the Vendor ID field fillable and I pasted in the previously generated Vendor ID. This too care of my error message that I was missing a vendor ID.

    Thanks for the help Sheila_M!

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    The last book I delivered, after the recent  updates to iTC and iTP - created   "mybook .itmsp"  ie the  title I gave the  book rather than a long number.