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    Thanks for the post, worked also on Mavericks, although you have to keep pushing the power button until you see the screen to enter the the passcode, immediately release the power button and enter the passcode.

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    The tip I needed was holding the power button down during discoverable mode.  That is all I had to do, nothing else.  This helped with pairing keyboard to other devices as well.  Thanks.

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    I have just bought a solar powered Logitech keyboard- but I cannot get it paired with my MacBook.The funny! thing is that I managed yesterday but when I switched off my backup hard disc it was disconnected and I have not managed to pair and connect  it again.

    Did it work straight for you to pair the device?

    I have tried to understand what they mean with press ing down the power button during the whole pairing process but on the Logitech there is no button to press down but three f-key from which I choose one for the keyboard bluetooth connection. So that have to keep blinking during the whole process. Am I right? If you have anything  that could help me I am greatful.



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    Thank you so much for the answer!!  I thought my husband was not seeing things correctly when he told me this was happening.  I was always at work when it did and he would just restart the computer.  For some reason that always worked, too, but how annoying!  I started to have the issue now, too, and just followed your steps and they worked great!!  Thanks so much!!  Thought I was going to have to purchase a new keyboard!!

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    Thank you so much! I was ready to scream.

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    I don't know if this will help you and the other postings but I was having trouble too, connecting my BT wireless keyboard to my AppleTV and my MacBook Air.  Then I recalled that I had also paired it to my iPad.  Once I turned off the BT on my iPad, everything paired just fine.


    The learning is to MAKE certain that every BT device you have ever paired to your BT keyboard is either off, or well out of range.


    Hope this helps everyone.

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    What they said :-)

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    I had the same problem and the same cause. Having the keyboard paired to another device is the only thing that I can think of that was not included on the orriginal post.

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    It didn't help at all. My iMac is protected with a password and my keyboard isn't working. My keyboard already has new  batteries and all but the problem is I don't know what the problem is It just won't connect I checked every Apple product I have and I checked the Bluetooth of my iPad,iPhone  is disabled. Help?

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    I am also typing on my iPhone....

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    Im stuck on the login screen so what do i do???? Please help The keyboard keeps flashing. when i turn the computer off and back on it does not ask me or try to connect to the keyboard! Please help i do not have a wired keyboard available!

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    If you cannot borrow a USB keyboard try this:

    - Take the batteries out of the wireless keyboard then put them back in

    - Reboot the computer

    - As it reboots press the keyboard power button

    - Keep the power button pressed until you see a dialogue asking for an 8-digit passcode

    - Now release the power button and enter the passcode


    Otherwise the best option really is borrow a USB keyboard, just to enter the password. 

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    I'm running Mavericks;  I finally got my keyboard to pair.  But, I don't get step #9.   There is no gear icon (in Mavericks), I can't figure out how to "update services" for the keyboard.  HELP


    8)  Go to back to Bluetooth preferences and select the keyboard in the device list.

    9)  Press the gear icon and select 'Update Services'. Without this last step you may have to reconnect the keyboard from the Bluetooth menu after every startup.



    Thanks for the Help.   You'd think Apple would have Bluetooth figured out by now.  Geez Apple, really!?

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    I'm gonna try this - after all my pair, repair, delete plist attempts have failed. I'll get it to work briefly, then nada. Thanks.

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    Yea.   This worked for me also.  Holding the power button throught did the trick.  Thank you