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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Worked even in Mavericks with the absense of a "+" button, by turning bluetooth off, then holding the KB power button while turning mac's bt back on.

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    same problem. don't see the gear icon or 'update services' - right now I have to redo this every startup or sleep mode. very annoying.

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    This was driving me nuts. Why is there nothing in the Apple documentation about holding down the power button??? Bless you…

  • h2vh Level 1 (0 points)

    "Why is there nothing in the Apple documentation about holding down the power button???"

    - couldn't agree more!: Ran into same problem today (I have used the hardware for almost three years) and was about ready to discard the keyboard, when I got the idea to test it against my wife's iPad - no problems at all!


    I 'googled' the problem and found this article:



    Worked instantly!

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    Repeated failures until I went out to my DRIVEWAY, faraway from all bluetooth and wireless phone signals. There it succeeded on the first try. Amazed.


    Clearly the Apple BT Keyboard was developed in a lab, not in a 2014 home.

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    TM100 - thanks for that key piece of info I have never heard mentioned before - hold the power button whilst pairing!


    This just helped with with a keyboard which wouldn't pair otherwise!


    Good work dude

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    Took a couple of tries, but it worked.  Thanks for posting.

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    Mavericks Fix - 10.9.2


    I am adding this update to this method as the fix for this problem is so old it was for a pre Mavericks OS.


    This is an additional solution that I have found to be a huge benefit to this problem.



    Go to Bluetooth Preferences and delete every device no matter if they are working or not. Understand that if you are not working on a MacBookPro if you have no wired mouse and no wired keyboard... you aren't going to be able to move the cursor to turn things on etc... so you have to have a trackpad or Wired mouse available to you.


    Once you have removed other keyboards and devices like the Jambox Speaker that was connected to my MacBookPro... the Mac seems far more able to pair with your BlueTooth keyboard alot faster.


    Removing the batteries resets the keyboard and not powering it back on [and holding down] the power button on your BT keyboard is critical ... only do this once you go into the "Set Up Bluetooth Keyboard" menu > Keyboard > In System Preferences.


    I simppl could NOT connect my Keyboard AT ALL with the Jambox Speaker connected first. Removing that - I was able to connect the keyboard on the second try with removing the batteries from the keyboard and holding down the powerkey to get the blinking green light on the keyboard.


    TIP:- Lifting your keyboard up so the light is right next to the screen menu you are looking at means you can easily look at both ... to make sure its in the blinking pairing mode and the menu is seaching for your keyboard. Otherwise you have to keep looking down and back and it will drive you bonkers.


    Good luck...


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    I spent over an hour and a half trying to figure out the issue and actually started looking on-line for a new keyboard!

    But then I noticed this keyboard suddenly worked on my other apple next to it, the connection jumped over, so now I knew it worked!

    Then I came upon your solution!

    And the first time it worked!!!


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    Exellent explanation. It worked for me perfect. Incredible that you have to hold the ON button all through the procedure

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    brilliant. thank you that worked!!

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    Many thanks TM


    I had to modify your solution a tad:


    in step 3 I couldn't see a + sign anywhere


    Notwithstanding I carried on to 4 and keeping power button depressed attempted to Pair.  No success x 5


    I turned Bluetooth off and on and repeated 4 - success - the code appeared and I am typing this on the wireless keyboard.


    I have Mavericks on my MBP


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    Thank you!!! Worked like a charm

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    i did what your said but when i click pair it doesnt work and its says unable to pair do you have any suggestions

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