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When I open my applications window or my documents or downloadss windows there's nothing in them.  If I want to access a particular document or or application I have to use Spotlight.  If I can't remember the name of a document or download, I'm out of luck.  In an old old post (2008) I found the suggestion that there might be more than one applications folder, etc.  But I've done a thorough search.  That's not the case.  HELP?

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    OKAY. Solved.  There was an attached backup drive that was confusing the finder because it had applications, downloads, and documents forlders.  I ejected the drive and restarted and all OKAY

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    Have you repaired permissions or even restarted your computer?



    It would help us to know which comp model you have, which OS & version you're using, how much RAM, etc. You can have this info displayed on the bottom of every post by completing your system profile and filling in the information asked for.



    This will help in providing you with the proper and/or correct solutions.














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    Thanks.  Sorry to leave all that out. But I HAD repaired permissions and restarted.  What was necessary was to eject the superduper backup drive with the duplicate folders.  Then repair permissions and and restart again.  Then everything was fine, and I was able to plug that drive back in.