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Hi my Imac was fully working and had no problem its only just year old.

I started it up to do work and Finder keeps flashing a popup and bouncing on the dock it saying finder unexspectedly quit restore windows or dont restore on the popup but cant click any as it flashes in a blink of an eye. All my folders and files have vanished from the desktop but still are in the harddrive but cant open folders.


How can i fix this and get finder working again.


I havent installed any new programs or added anything to the Imac.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Eagle 1985 wrote ...


            "I havent installed any new programs or added anything to the Imac"


    Are you sure about this.   Does sound a bit like a MacKeeper problem to me.   Are you aware of MacKeeper or have you been approached?


    If you have read and digest the links below.


    Thomas' Corner : Mac Malware Guide   and ...

                      Mac OS X Snow Leopard and malware detection


    Uninstall MacKeeper – updated « Phil Stokes

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    Hi no haven used mac keeper or herd of it before??

    I've tried some stuff off the net nothing has stopped it guest account and other account have no problems but main is bad can you help?

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    Do you have the 'Find any File' or 'Easy Find' Apps.   You can use either of them to find Mackeeper if it has infected your machine.    You can always try Spotlight too, but it's not so good.  What have you tried 'off the net'? 

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    hi thanks easyfind will help try get some of my files so i can back them up.

    As for what ive tryed from what people say about it its a curruped file in the user account ive found 3 different ways to try and remove this but all have not worked.

    Even the one going in to single-user mode has had no effect.

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    Launch the Console application in any of the following ways:


    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)


    ☞ In the Finder, select Go Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.


    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Console in the icon grid.


    Step 1


    Make sure the title of the Console window is All Messages. If it isn't, select All Messages from the SYSTEM LOG QUERIES menu on the left. If you don't see that menu, select

    View Show Log List

    from the menu bar.

    Enter the name of the crashed application or process in the Filter text field. Select the messages from the time of the last crash, if any. Copy them to the Clipboard (command-C). Paste into a reply to this message (command-V).


    When posting a log extract, be selective. In most cases, a few dozen lines are more than enough.

    Please do not indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into this discussion.


    Important: Some private information, such as your name, may appear in the log. Anonymize before posting.


    Step 2


    Still in the Console window, look under User Diagnostic Reports for crash reports related to the process. The report name starts with the name of the crashed process, and ends with ".crash". Select the most recent report and post the entire contents — again, the text, not a screenshot. In the interest of privacy, I suggest that, before posting, you edit out the “Anonymous UUID,” a long string of letters, numbers, and dashes in the header of the report, if it’s present (it may not be.) Please don’t post shutdownStall, spin, or hang logs — they're very long and not helpful.