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I have a Macbook Pro 13' (it's about 1.5 years old). I was on it a couple of hours ago when I got the running on reserve battery indicator. Before I could plug the charger in, it died. I have had the charger in for over 2 hours now and it still won't turn on. The green light is on on the charger. When I unplug the charger the first battery strength light flashes on twice but that is it. When it is plugged in the battery strength lights do not go on at all. I have been searching for an answer for over an hour but can't seem to find one. Any help would be appreciated.



MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011)
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It's a possibility, magsafes are known to do all sorts of strange things (I've had tons of replacements), but more than likely it's your battery. Does a friend or family member have another charger you could try? That's how you'll know if it's the battery or charger. If not I would say take it to an apple store to try it out!

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