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When I originally bought the Apple TV (2nd generation) a while back, it always maintained good connectivity to Home Sharing.  For a while, I've had to go into General and select Restart every time I wanted to use Home Sharing, otherwise Apple TV would not connect.  Today, the Apple TV would not connect to the WiFi network at all.  After restarting and rebooting several times, the Apple TV finally reconnected is currently working.


My logical guess is that the WiFi antenna on the Apple TV may be going out.  I have used it a lot.  Anyone have any tips?

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    For more information on this, take a look at this article:

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    This will most likely help a bunch.....it did a complete fix for me.  Follow it step-by-step.


    1.   Open "System Preferences".   ( computer only), (Windows computer unknown)

    2.   Open "Network".

    3.   Click on the "Sprocket with down arrow".

    4.   Select "Make Service Order"

    5.   Move the connection your using (Wifi, Ethernet, etc.) to the top, and click Apply.

    6.   If you selected Ethernet, then turn OFF Wifi in the top menu.

    7.   Shut DOWN your computer and then restart after completely shutting down.

    7a. Either restart or unplug and plug in the Apple TV (insure your logged into Home Share after restart).

    7b. Start iTunes (insure your logged into Home Share).


    Enjoy life again!