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My cousin have this problem after she update her iPhone's iOS to 6.1.3 last month and then after it she notice that the WiFi on her iPhone was grayed out we try to Reset network settings, try to reset all settings and try to reset the iPhone by holding down the power button and home button at the same time but nothing happens and also we try to restore the iPhone on iTunes but still nothing happens. Her iPhone still have a WiFi Mac Address but restore on iTunes didn't work so please help us to resolve this problem..



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    check this out once...http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1559...hope this helps you.......

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    hi! i had the same problem that started just today and im glad i can sleep sound.. my wifi geyed out too.. i did these steps and it worked..


    >go to settings and turn your airplane mode on as well as your do not disturb mode..

    >turn your phone off.. wait for 3-5 minutes.. then turn it back on..

    >then turn your do not disturb mode and airplane mode off..


    >after doing these steps, i hope your phone's wifi is already working just like mine.. goodluck! i hope it helps!

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    Okay! Thanks for the reply i will try it and i will post here the results.

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    Sorry but i try that procedure but nothing works. i hope we can find some solutions.

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    Did you restore the iphone as new or did you just restore from your backup? You have to click 'restore iphone' and when it restarts 'set up as new' and test it out.

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    I just restore on iTunes as new iPhone and restore to factory settings but nothing works.

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    I had the same problem with my old 4S. I tried everything. I restarted, did all the switching on and off of different modes in the phone, I even restored it and still nothing. After a couple days with the problem I took it into apple. They told me it was a hardware issue and that I was going to have to replace it. Since mine was no longer under warranty I declined the $200 replacement fee. The only thing that worked for me was if you turn it off then hit it with a blow dryer for about 10 minutes making it extremely hot, then let it cool down. Your wifi will work for maybe 15 minutes then turn back to being greyed out.

    Basically, you need to upgrade to a 5 as soon as possible because there is a problem with 4S's and their wifi chipset. I hope this helps you out.

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    Well.  I too faced the same issue, infact the wifi problem (no network) started when my 4S was in iOS 5.XXX. so i upgarded it to iOS 6. after which the switch itself greyed out. i waited for further iOS release, then came iOS 6.1.2, 6.1.3. nothing addressed this know issue. then I tried the freezer technique. surprisingly it worked, but didnt last more than a day. the wifi address shows NA in the settings->about. so then retried the freezer technique, worked again but there after it lasted only 15-30 mins. annoyed, since i couldnt backup on iCloud in absence of wifi. i had to upgrade my 3G plan. yesterday I took the phone to a local shop, he simple opened it and heated the wifi chip. then repacked it. it simply works... he said this is permanent, if in case the wifi goes off again, need to change the wifi chip which is $60. I am happy to have got my wifi and Bluetooth back.


    Reason for this is.. the iOS 6 updates the wifi module firmware and in that process burns the chip.. strange by true.

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    Buy a free flashlight app, turn the flashlight on and leave the phone on for 24 hours (it will run out of batteries but wait anyway).  Charge the phone completely and wait another 8 hours.  Turn the phone on and your WiFi and Bluetooth should be back to normal.  Unbelieveable but true.  Did it myself after finding the instructions on Youtube.

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    Okay we will try this one...

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    This solution brought back the normal appearance of operable Wi-Fi, but then the Wi-Fi never connected to my network. I'd also tried Apple's Network Reset option, but that did nothing.


    So I'm starting to freak about the Wi-Fi on this iPhone 4S. Thanks for this glimmer of hope. I'll try the iTunes Software Restore next, I guess. Wonder how far this problem will grow to?


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    Looks like this is general problem with 4S - I upgraded software to 613 and the wifi/bluetooth stopped working (Greyed Out) - Tried various suggested recommendations and did not work.


    Ended in Genius Bar - who reported that during upgrade chipset just collapses and that they need to replace device for 199$ as my device is out of warranty ( about 16 months from purchase)


    Looks like Software Upgrade causes trouble and Apple Cashes it by replacement price. ( Time for lawsuit)

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    Incidentally I was trying to research more and found this article -


    http://techland.time.com/2013/06/06/apples-ios-6-1-3-update-can-knock-out-wi-fi- bluetooth-and-cost-you-200-to-fix/


    Does not look like an isolated case to me - and Apple is breaking phones with update