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Hello! I've searched the community discussions and have not found a problem similar to this, so wondering if there's anyone who can help.


I've edited a video using iMovie 11 (9.0.9); it's got native audio content and music added. I used "music enhance" on some of the music clips and also cranked up the levels on native audio parts - but my audio levels in iMovie never peak into the red. When I preview or audio skim in iMovie, it all sounds great with no distortion.


But when I output the final edited piece to iDVD, it sounds terrible. The louder parts of the music are completely distorted. I can output to .mov or .mp4 and they sound fine on the iMac, but then if I try to burn those files through iDVD - either via a new iDVD project or Magic iDVD, or OneStep - they sound terrible. I also tried to play my exported mp4 file directly on my Blu-ray player; that sounded bad, too. Finally, if I export my edited piece to an .mov file that sounds fine and then re-import that file into iMovie, it sounds distorted and terrible also.


So my question is: if the levels look and sound fine while editing in iDVD, why don't they sound the same once they're exported? How can I ensure that what I'm hearing in iDVD is really what it'll sound like once the piece is done - or how can I anticipate that a higher level of sound in iDVD will be too high once the file is exported?



iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Try exporting the audio only using QuickTime from the existing movie file from iMovie.

    Export as wav/aiff


    If audio levels sound fine use Audacity which is free on the mac to triple check.


    If all is fine. Use Burn also another free app to burn your DVD. If the end result is fine then the content is not the problem. The encoding used in iDvd to flatten that videos and audio is. Check to make sure you are using the latest version and that your audio and video of your iMovie project playback happily in QuickTime.


    I simply suspect that iDVD has come to the end if its shelf life as DVD technology is now dead to Apple. 

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    Hi, just found this as I was searching for a similar problem however seemed to have fixed it myself.


    Incase your problem was the same as mine;


    I created an iMovie and added various fade in/out sound tracks via iTunes purchased songs. I worked on the imovie for a couple of weeks off and on.

    The latest track sounded fine but all the others were up/down fading in and out. Sounded terrible!! After searching the web, I gave up and searched all the iMovie settings and played spot the difference between the latest added 'good' track and the others i previously added.


    I found that on the terrible sounding audio tracks I had 'Reduce background noice' ticked. I unticked all these and the sound was perfect. I guess being a novice, I must have ticked this by mistake thinking it was a good thing, but perhaps in hindsight better suited to shot footage with real 'background noise' rather than trying to use it on an audio mp3 song.


    Hope it helps anyone making the same mistake as me.