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Dear Apple.

If you read this, please can you allow that when I select text in multiple rows in a table in keynote, and try to number them, instead of them all becoming "1.", the actually number "1., 2., 3." etc?
Thank you

Others, please like this so we get this improvement.

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    The folks that read and reply in these discussions are not  Apple emplyees, we are mere users of Apple products.


    Numbers can not be formatted in a table, auto numbering requires a separate paragraph for each text entry,

    a table is regarded as a single paragraph by Keynote.



    If you need to number, use a list:



    Picture 1.png


    or enter the number manually:


    Picture 2.png

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    Darn Gary is always getting there first.


    Point 1:

    We aren't apple employees doesn't mean we weren't.


    Point 2:

    Table's & Charts should be designed in Numbers and then Linked into Keynote. More control and advanced uses.


    Point 3:

    Just because you can do it in Keynote it doesn't mean that's the best workflow. ie. Create Tables/charts in numbers and build your presentation. Then simply copy and paste the chart or table from the already existing saved Numbers file. Enjoy. 


    Did you like that Gary?

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    Excellent reply sabatica


    My only excuse in replying before you is the my relative position in the time space continuum.