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For no apparent reason, my apple tv will no longer connect to the network. It worked fine for FIVE years, then suddenly stopped working. I took it to the apple store, the fellow tested it, all was well, he restored it to factory settings and downloaded the latest update, i came home, plugged it in -- and it wouldn't connect to the network. It finds the network, It shows that there's a full strength wi-fi signal, but it won't show a DNS or ROUTER....


Figuring that maybe my apple tv had finaly expired, I bought a new one today. Plugged it in, all was well for about an hour -- then when we turned the apple tv back on, same thing. "Not connected to network". I restarted it, still nothing. Changed the name of my Apple extreme, figuring maybe that was the problem (I did replace my airport extreme last week, but everything worked well on apple tv, until two days ago...)  Checked to make sure my airport extreme was running the latest software update -- still the same problem. Unplugged the Apple tv and plugged it back in, same problem. Re started apple extreme ... same problem.


I'm stumped.  Any suggestions? thank you!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)