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Hi guys,


Having a strange issue with my ATV 3 Airplay function.


I have the following devices:

-Apple TV 3 (Model MD199LL/A, iOS version 5.2.1)

-Apple iPhone 4S (iOS version 6.1.3)

-Macbook Air 11inch (OS X 10.8.3)


The problem is as follows. When my Apple TV has been asleep or not used for a period of time, my iPhone is unable to access it using the Remote App, and is not able to Airplay to it. I can use the normal IR remote to wake the ATV up, but still, im unable to access it using the Remote App, and I am unable to Airplay to it. I am forced to restart the ATV, and also disjoin then rejoin the Wifi on my iPhone to get the connection back.


Now, if i wake up the ATV using the IR remote, and open my Mac, straight away i can Airplay to the device, so the device and network are capable of Airplay from my Mac without the need to reboot the ATV.


I have tried:

-New ATV 3 (mine was recently replaced due to a faulty Wifi chip)

-Restore ATV back to default

-Restore iPhone back to Default

-Reboot router

-Reset router back to factory default

-Tried a different router

-Reinstall Remote App


I'm unsure if the problem lies with the phone or ATV. Considering my MacBook Air has no problem finding the ATV and Airplaying to it makes me think the issue is with my iPhone.


I have also read and tried all steps in the following support articles:




Anyone have any suggestions?

Apple TV (3rd generation)