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I'm a new convert to Mac from PC so there is a LOT that I don't know.  We recently changed the wifi in our home.  It is working well for everyone including myself.  However, every time I close my computer it loses the wifi signal and when I reopen it, I must reselect the wifi. Before the wifi went out and at Grad school it would pick up on the signal and just use it if permission had previously been granted.  What has happened?



MacBook Pro
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    Go to  > System Preferences > Network, and select Wi-Fi. Click the Advanced… button and select the Wi-Fi tab.


    Under Preferred Networks, select your old network, and click the "–" (minus) button. Check the box "Remember networks this computer has joined" if it is not already checked.


    OK then Apply.


    In your Mac's Wi-Fi Wi-Fi icon.png menu, select your network and provide its password.


    Your Mac should now remember it.

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    Thanks John!  I did each step so now I'll try it and see if its fixed.