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I have been using my iPod Touch for a couple of years and been happy with it, except for the calendar situation.  I have a PC and settled on using Yahoo calendar for syncing with my iPod calendar and it worked okay, but not great.  Now it seems to be messed up.  All of the events are on my iPod, but most of them are not displaying on my Yahoo calendar.  So I can't use Yahoo calendar to export my events to save them.  I do a back up with iTunes every day, so my iPod calendar is backed up, but can I get at it so I can sync it with something else?  I'm thinking of going to Outlook, since Apple at least seems to want to support that.  I wasn't happy with syncing with Google calendar so I'm not interested in that.  Any suggestions for how to get the information out of my iPod Touch so I can sync it with Outlook?  or something else?

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1