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Hi everybody.  I just acquired an old PowerBook 180c with only a floppy drive for removable storage and I'm wanting to know the best way to transfer large-ish (in terms of floppy disk capacity) files to it.  I have acess to a PowerMac G3 Blue & White with both OS9.2.2 and Tiger on it, however I only have a USB floppy drive which OS9 doesn't seem to recognise.  I'm wondering if there's a piece of software that's compatible with both Tiger and Classic Mac OS that I can use to split up games/programs into volumes that are small enough to fit onto a floppy (like WinRAR and 7Zip have fuctions that allow you to split to multiple volumes) and then re-combine them on the PowerBook.


ANy help would be appreciated!

PowerBook, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier
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