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I am looking to replace one of the HDDs in a Mac Mini with an SSD, this would be for the main OS to work on and all my files, I am not a big advocate of spreading around my files over multiple data silos. I was wondering then, as I don't have a Time Capsule, whether it would be possible to dedicate the second HDD for exclusive use of Time Machine, backing everything up?


I don't have a Mini at the moment and so don't know how OS X treats the existing setup, is the HD treated as one, or are the two clearly separate? It's a mystery to me why there are two in the first place, I summise that it was an attempt by Apple to create the illusion of a fater computer by adding in a small amount of SSD to complement the larger (and cheaper) HDD?


Anyway, would splitting the two work and would it be easily achievable with existing tools in OS X?