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An article in the New York Times yesterday told how to remove unwanted fonts from the Font Book.  I followed its instructions (the same as those on the webpage "support.apple.com/kb/ht2509") and was NOT successful in removing fonts.  Despite what the newspaper article and the web page stated, my attempts to remove fonts were unsuccessful.  I use perhaps 15-20 of the hundreds and hundreds of fonts, and deleting those I don't use would make choosing a font a lot faster.  I called support and was told not to try to remove any fonts which I myself had not added to the list(I have not added any) as doing so could cause significant problems elsewhere.  The support tech suggested that there might be independent software programs which would keep at the top of the list those fonts I have used, which sure would speed up the process of selecting a font.  Anyone know of such a program, or how to safely alter the font list Thanks.

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    Font Book will not let you remove any fonts from the System folder. It will let you select them and choose Delete, but nothing will happen. Can't recall offhand if it does the same thing to the Library's Fonts folder. I don't use Font Bork.


    There are many fonts supplied with OS X which do not need to be active all the time. See my article, Font Management in OS X.


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