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well, it seems that others are able to install flip4mac on their intel minis, but i just can't do it...i have safari and quicktime running under Rosetta, but i can't do it...i download it, but when i install it, it says that there is no intel version...please help

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    You have to go to Applications/Utilities and select the program called "Installer" then get the info window (right click, or command-i) then check "Open using Rosetta". Then run the Flip4Mac installer. After the installation go back and uncheck it, so that the installer runs no longer using rosetta.

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    Apple claims that Flip4Mac will install properly if you are running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later. However, some people reported being unable to install it even though they were running 10.4.5/.6 and the latest F4M (2.0.2). If forcing the Installer to run under Rosetta is a workaround then it's good news.

    nanofreak, please don't forget to post back to tell us whether it works for you ...
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    It's as I wrote above. Using 10.4.6 and Flip4Mac 2.0.2 it only works when you let the Installer run using Rosetta. Otherwise the Flip4Mac installer will quit.

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    have fun with flip4mac

    trying to get it to run on a intel based mac is a pain but if you want a more simpler way to install it without useing the package to install it might i recommend pacifist it allows users of mac minis and other macintosh computers to manually install the application without having to use the stock installer window look it up on google and give it a try it does wonders
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    Mario - have you actually done this recently?? Our Intel mini / 10.4.6 will not even allow the dmg to mount - a message appears that says F4M can not be installed on this computer. Thus - you can not "get info" and proceed with any of your suggestions. Our Mini and OS configuration look to be the same as yours but we can't get past the message :-0
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    Will - See my response to Mario - I am one of those who can not even get the install package mounted
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    yes I have actually done it.

    The important thing is to change the settings of the installer that comes with OSX. Open the finder go to Applications then to Utilites then select the application called Installer, then Get Info and check "Run under Rosetta". Until now this had nothing to do with Flip4Mac.

    Now execute the Flip4Mac installer.

    Afterwards change back the settings for the installer application.


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    i was able to install it! but do i have to keep quicktime under rosetta in order to view windows media files?
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    Yes, you have to run quicktime under rosetta. The procedure is the same as for the Installer.

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    Mario - thanks - the third try was the charm

    Now for a really tough issue. I just got hold of a WMV HD dvd that allows true HD on Windows XP machines. I have a QUAD, QT Pro, iMovie HD, F4M running on both the QUAD and Intel mini now. Is there any way I can "rip" several clips from that WMV HD disk with what I have and play it on the QUAD and/or Intel mini.

    If so, what steps do I....................