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Hey guys.


I have windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) running on a 2009 24" imac.


I am trying to put the drivers on - as part of the 'setup' by the boot camp assistant, it downloaded the support software, however when I boot into the windows 7 partition, it gives the "This version of Boot Camp is not intended for this computer model" error message.


I have searched through all of the boot camp support software in the boot camp downloads page and I cannot find my computer listed as being supported by any of the downloads 4.0 and above.


Does this mean I should look at a 3.1 or 3.2 download for the drivers, etc.?


Also, I have read in other forums about a possible need to use the orignional disks that came with the computer for boot camp drivers, etc. Is there any truth to this, or can I just download and use 'the right' boot camp support software? Due to a tragic accident in which the orignal disks were used to prove what shouldn't be put in a toaster, I don't have them...

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 2009 24 inch imac
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    Late 2009 and newer iMacs are compatible with 64-bit Windows versions officially > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5634?viewlocale=en_US


    As you can see, you can only install 32-bit Windows versions if you want to install the Boot Camp drivers. You need the Windows support software in order to run Windows correctly

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    Thanks for that mate.


    Only problem is that I cannot actually see the 2009 24 inch imac on that list.


    Just like all of the other lists it just doesn't seem to exist. I am aware that 2009 was the year they went from the 20 + 24 inch models to the 21.5 + 27 inch models, I can only assume that it is part of the '20 inch early 2009' model.


    As you say, it is probably not officially supported - is it possible to find the drivers that the 64 bit version needs? Or is it not possible?

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    It doesn't appear, but you can be sure that the Early 2009 24-inch iMac isn't supported for 64-bit Windows versions officially.


    That means that you can't get Boot Camp drivers for your computer that supports a 64-bit Windows version, so you can keep your 64-bit Windows version without Boot Camp drivers or you can install a 32-bit Windows version and you will be able to install the Boot Camp drivers

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    I am in the same situation. I have a 24" 2.66 ghz Intel. I have an ultimate version of W7 64 bits installed on the bootCamp partition.


    My iMac runs snowLeopard, last version.


    Do you know if an upgrade to Mountain Lion::BootCamp 5 could fix the availability of the drivers for 64 bits support ?

    Or is it really linked to the hardware used in those iMacs


    (the reason to trying getting that to work is that I upgraded to 8 Go RAM. Win7 32 only sees 3Go RAM and I want  that the 8 Go to be seen )


    Thanks a lot

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    I have for a long time, and I am now running Windows 7 64-bit version on an iMac 24" early 2009 and it works just fine! Everything works as it should (I have installed nVidia's official driver from their website also + a new Bluetooth driver (Boradcom Bluetooth 3.0 diver, using their auto-installing "driver-software").). I just simply installed the 64-bit-drivers using the BootCamp64.msi (something like that, version 4.x) installer officially from Apple. Which comes in their "BootCamp Assistant software package", of course. You can grant access to install these 64-bit drivers using for example Command Shell (CMD) as an Administrator, then using simple commands to locate the .msi-installer (cd "location.../1.../2..." etc.).


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    Yes, you do have support from 64-bit drivers! Even though it is not officially listed as supported from Apple! View my other answer...