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My photo stream auto deletes old photos after a 1,000 limit, but it says here that it is suppose to be 10,000. Is there somewhere to change the settings?

iPad, iOS 6.1.4
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    Nope, it is 1000.

    Your iOS devices keep a rolling collection of your last 1000 photos in the My Photo Stream album. From there, you can browse your recent photos or move the ones you like to your Camera Roll or another album to keep them on your device forever.




    iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ - Support - Apple

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    Read this Apple Support official write up about iCloud  photo streams at the URL below...


    Basically, you can have 1000 photos in EACH photo stream  !... and you can create up to 100 shared photo streams, in addition to the 1 default non-sharable photo stream they give you titled "My Photo Stream".


    So really, you can store up to 101,000 photos , for free, in icloud.


    As long as you never add more than 1000 photos in any one stream you will never lose any photos. They will always be stored for free in icloud, and you can always access them any time, either from a mac/pc browser or ios device (iphone/ipod/ipad).


    If.... you do add more than 1000 photos to a photo stream, icloud only keeps the most recent 1000 and begins deleting the oldest photos in the stream to make room for new ones.... always keeping a 1000 cap on each photo stream.


    So.... there are 3 things to remember if you never want to lose any photos and never have to keep your own physical backup :


    1. Always move photos out of your  "My Photo Stream" into shared photo streams (which you actually don't have to share with anyone if you don't want to), before it reaches 1000.


    2. Never put more than 1000 photos in a shared photo stream.


    3. If you ever get to the maximum 100 shared photo streams and have filled each of those 100 photo streams with 1000 photos AND you have your "My Photo Stream" filled up with 1000 photos.....then you have reached the 101,000 max for free icloud photo storage.   At that point you can either delete old photos to make room for new ones.... or begin emailing photos to yourself and start using your email as a cloud based archive for your photos, and delete from photo streams after you have emailed yourself a copy (if you really want to stay away from getting involved with yet another cloud service product outside of Apple iCloud)


    The likely reality is.... by the time you get anywhere close to the 101,000 limit....Apple will have already evolved the photo stream service to something we cannot yet imagine that will make the worry of hitting the 101,000 cap a mute thought anyway :)




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    Yes, it's 1,000 and they only stay for a max of 30 days.  The point is that you use photo stream to sync photos to other devices, and especially computers to archive them.  Photo stream is not meant designed to be a photo archive service.

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    its actually 101,000 ...read the specs.  And, in fact I myself have over 5,000 photos already stored in streams.  the trick is just to organize and move your photos out of "My Photo Stream" to a shared photo stream.  You can have up to 100 shared photo streams .... it works ...and it easy !   There is NO 30 day max on shared photo streams.   The 30 day max is only on the "My Photo Stream" default stream.   Think of the My Photo Stream" as a  "holding bin"  where your photos are automatically backed up until you get a few minutes to put them into organized shared streams.   And again, you do NOT have to actually share a shared stream.   Apple has given us a very nice, very easy way for  non-pro consumers to store and organize all our photos in the cloud

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    Kudos, it seems you found a way to screw a corkscrew.

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    Hi Torrence, In iPhoto >

    iCloud, how do you make these extra sharing streams?

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    How can you say that photos stays for 30 days, since I can see older pics than 30 days.

    Those old pics are not on my iphone, they are in the cloud, and I can still see them.

    Can you tell me where I'm wrong (if I am)

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    A rolling collection of your last 1000 my photo stream photos will stay on your device until you delete them, but they only stay in iCloud for 30 days.  If you were to turn off photo stream on your device, for example, the photo stream photos would be deleted from it.  If you then turned photo stream back on, only photos added in the last 30 days would stream back to your device as older photos are no longer in iCloud.  Note: the 30 day limit applies only to my photo stream; unless you delete them, shared stream photos remain in iCloud indefinitely.

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    sorry to bother you, and maybe because english os not my native language, but I don't understand one point.

    You said "but they only stay in iCloud for 30 days"

    How can I see old pics in "photo stream" if they are not in iCloud and they are not in my Camera Roll ??

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    They are saved in cached memory on your device.  This is deleted if you turn off my photo stream.  To conserve memory, only space for your last 1000 photos is reserved.  Once on exceed this, the oldest photo stream photos are replaced by new ones as they are added to your device.