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Really stumped. I am trying to create a vault for referenced ap lib of 119 GB. I bought a 1 TB EHD for the sole purpose of keeping vaults on it. I have tried 8 times to create a vault on it and every time aperture quits at some point in the process. By quits I mean it becomes unresponsive, beach ball spinning non stop and shows in activity monitor in red text as unresponsive. I have left it like this for over an hour hoping something would change but I ended up having to force quit aperture each time. I contacted the EHD company ( g Tech/ G Drive ) and the only thing that MIGHT be an issue is the original 2TB EHD which all of my images are on in formatted Mac OS extended and the new 1 TB EHD is formatted Mac OS extended ( journaled ).


So, super frustrated, I attempted to create a vault on my desktop. I know this is not an ideal place for a vault but I just wanted to see if the reason I could not create the vault was an issue with the new 1 TB EHD or some other issue. Currently I am 18 hours in to creating the vault on my desktop and for the last   Hour it has become unresponsive, beach ball spinning , not responding in red text in activity monitor. The status bar for updating vault is at what I would call the 90 % done area.


Some back ground info:  previously I have been able to create vaults with no problem on my original 2 TB EHD. I had also been able to update them with no issues. Then about a month ago I went to update my vault and this exact thing happened, aperture became unresponsive and could not update the vault. Since my 2tb drive is almost full, I thought maybe that was threads on and that is why I bought the 1 TB EHD to put the vault on.


Any thoughts?

Aperture 3
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    Hello Tripipe,



    The following article not only details an alternative backup method to vaults (Time Machine), but also provides a number of steps that may be helpful in getting Aperture working as expected again.


    Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics



    Back up your library

    Before troubleshooting Aperture, it's a good idea to create a backup of your library if you don't already have one. You can use Time Machine, or create a Vault in Aperture to make your backup. Note that Time Machine does not fully back up the Aperture library when Aperture is running, so be sure to quit Aperture and allow Time Machine to perform a complete backup before proceeding.




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    thanks Allen Im currently tying these steps