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Anybody have this issue?


about 10 to 15% of the time, incoming calls on my iphone 5 don't ring and go instantly to voicemail. If my phone is in front of my like on my desk, I will see that a call is coming in but just not giving me an audio alert. If the caller, who only gets 2 rings before getting my voicemail (VM), leaves a message, I will usually get a voicemail alert. This is usually how I know I just got a no ring call.


When I get a call that rings but I don't answer for whatever reason, it takes about 4 rings before switching to VM.


I've been troubleshooting with AT&T and Apple and done the following:


1. Replaced the iPhone 5

2. Replaced the AT&T Simm card

3. Run the new phone without any 3rd party apps to rule out software conflict. Ran the phone this way for 2 weeks with just latest iOS apps

4. ATT has reviewed my account and advises they've configured me properly


This problem has happened in mutliple locations to rule out it being my apartment.


My audio quality is always reported as good to whomever I'm talking to.


I can't replicate the problem. If you were to call me and I got a no ring but got a VM, and called you back to re-call me, every time I've done this, on the 2nd call in, my phone rang.


So my phone knows there's an incoming call and if it doesn't ring, it at least shows me visually there's a call coming in. Followed by a VM alert if a VM is left.


So at this point we don't know if it's an ATT network or Apple hardware problem.


Anyone hear of anyone having no ring problems?




iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    Same exact problem here, slightly different specs.


    iPhone 4S

    iOS 6.1.3


    Various locations in New York City, generally with 4 or 5 bars.


    The fact that the caller is sent to voice mail after two rings is quite serious, as it appears to the caller that you're ignoring their call when in fact you never had a chance to see it.  Further, it's impossible for me to judge how many calls I'm missing due to this problem, since as far as I know, if the caller does not leave a VM I get never get any indicaiton (no missed calls logged).


    Also, I've had serious problems with text message delivery to me being delayed for up to 1-2 hours, and having my own texts fail and need to be resent up to 10 times.


    This has been happening for a couple of months.


    FWIW I've seen Verizon iPhone users complaining about this problem on other forums.

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    I assumed this problem was limited to ATT because I've learned that ATT was given a higher frequency to transmit on than Verizon and the higher the frequency, the more difficult it is for the signal to penetrate buildings and obstacles.


    So what happens is their tower doesn't "see" our phones and assumes they are turned off and sends the caller automatically to voicemail after 2 rings and the phone doesn't even ring the 2 times.


    If the problem is most often in one place where you spend a lot of time, call them and demand they give you their MicroCell tower. It is made by Cisco and plugs into your WiFi and gives you 5 bars and seems to improve the issue. It basically turns your phone into a VOIP phone and eventually sends your signal to a working tower, or incoming calls come into the MicroCell which has 5,000 sq ft range supposedly.


    I have one and am waiting to see if I get any more no rings.


    But if Verizon has the problem too, then I would start to wonder if it is the iPhone after all...