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I believe the merging of contacts happened around the iCloud timeframe...not sure.  We used to have similar problems with music, so he set up his own iTunes and everything is OK there.  But the contacts are a funny thing - so all our contacts on our personal iPhones, and were merged together so we both have everything.  I wasn't asked "would you like to merge your contacts with all devices?" It just happened.  So the other day, on my Personal MacBook, I decided to delete his contacts from my contacts on my computer...bad idea, because all of his contacts ALSO deleted off HIS iPhone...again - there was no warning or message...RRRR.  These contacts are now NOT on iCloud either, but the funny thing is...they ARE on my iPad Contacts app.


1.  How do I avoid merging contacts ever again between personal devices, unless I proactively say OK?

2.  How can I get the deleted contacts sitting on the iPad back onto iCloud and/or back onto my husband's iPhone?


Hope someone out there can help :-)



iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4