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I have up and until now only ever had a MacBook, I planned on getting an iMac desktop but that didn't work out. However, now I am set on getting a Mini, but I remember there was a lot of comotion with the display connector and was hoping someone could guide me on that. I am looking to get a second hand late 2012 Mini, 2.3GHz and 16GB RAM.


I know there are Thunderbolt displays and DVI ones and converters and all that but what is the issue? Which one should I get?


Thanks in advance, it was one problem I thought I wouldn't have to worry about.

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    All I can say is that I have a TB display with my Mac Mini (late 2012) and it works great.  The Mini has a TB port so works with the display perfectly.  If you do not want a display that has speakers, camera, mic and ports on the back then you could get a less expensive non Apple monitor but I see some users have display issues depending on the specific monitor being used..  I will others comment on that.

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    Mac OS X

    Hmm, the Thunderbolt only ones are wildly expensive, I think I saw some very reasonably priced ones for £400 or so which must have been DVI then.