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I have a power mac G5. Ir originally had Tiger on it. When I reinstalled for some odd reason the disc decided to install Panther, no clue why!! Either way I got a hold of a Leopard disc for this computer. It is apple certified and bought from Amazon and works for this computer.

Hoever, for some odd reason it keeps spitting it out. Discs under 4.7 GB is reads fine but the bigger discs it wont seem to read. What I need is to know how to get, or force, it to boot from an extrenal dvd drive. Or any other methods to get it to install.

Power Mac G5 (June 2004), Mac OS X (10.3.x), It originally had Tiger!
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    I do not believe you can "Upgrade" directly from the "Panther" installed on your computer to "Leopard".  You have to have at least "Tiger" installed already Before you can install Leopard.  Thus your Mac is not recognizing the Leopard Install disk.