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Owned the Apple TV 3rd Gen and have had nothing but issues.  I am techy and have been trouble shooting and monkeying my way into having this product half work for me.  For a 3 month period the ATV has completely stop working for me until a patch occured and other things stop functioning.  The follow are current bugs I am unable to overcome.


Here are the bugs:


If Apple TV is plugged in via Ethernet, Itunes will not detect the ATV and the ATV will not detect my computer.


When viewing my Itunes library via the ATV and playing a video it takes over 3 minutes to buffer.  After the buffer only the audio plays and no video! (THE MAJOR ISSUE IS THAT I CANNOT GET THE APPLE TV TO WORK VIA THE REMOTE TO STREAM VIDEOS FROM ITUNES).

The only way to stream video to my ATV has been to play videos via Itunes from the computer and then selecting the AirPlay option which is NOT how the APPLE TV was designed to operation.  I have been using the ATV like this for over a year without complaint just because it worked.




My AirPlay Icon has disappeared from Itunes on my computer and now I cannot stream ANYTHING which is the only reason I have the ATV.

I have read the forums and the mini-player work around does not find me the AirPlay icon.


I have restarted Itunes, my computer, and the ATV and none of which helps.


Choose something to FIX because these issues have been with my ATV since I purchased it ONCE THE 3RD GEN WAS RELEASED I have been dealing with NOTHING BUT ISSUES! 

Please HELP!  Are my issues UNQUIE?  Is there any way to determine from my computer if the ATV is being detected by Itunes?

Apple TV, Windows Vista