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Our Apple TV is approx 18 mths old, has generally worked fine till recently.  Mid way thru a movie it lost connection to the network, was unable to reconnect then via wifi and after wks of attempts have been unable to get it working again on our wifi network. 


Have connected it via ethernet (not in the right location to be an acceptable solution, but it does get to the network - updated software, time and date settings in the process) and iphone so it's connectivity is ok.  Wifi network remains perfectly functional for numerous other devices (Apple and other).  I have reset it along the way also.  All very, very frustrating.  Error message -3902 the most frequent message coming up.  I have also tried manually inputing IP etc. addresses. 


Any and all ideas welcome.  Is there such a thing as the wifi hardware (i.e. receiver, if such a thing exists) crapping out?

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