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Hi All


some one stolen my unlocked iphone in localbus  is there any way to find iphone current phone number with IMEI no.

It is locked with  digit passcode and lost mode enabled.


Is apple will block the phone with IMEI no if i provided details?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    The only way to locate/disable/erase any lost/stolen iPhone/iPod Touch is through Find My Phone or a similar app. However, this requires that Find My Phone be setup/activated, on your phone, before it was lost/stolen. You would then login at iCloud.com & try to locate it. This requires the phone be turned on & have an Internet connection. There is no other way to locate a lost/stolen iPhone. Apple can't/won't help you, nor will your carrier. Report the loss to the Police, your carrier & Insurance company. Change all of your passwords.


    If your carrier offers Blacklisting & they Blacklist the phone, it will be unusable as a phone.


    If locked with a passcode, all a thief or whoever finds it has to do is force the phone into recovery mode & restore it. While this deletes all data on the phone, it also removes the passcode so the phone can then be used as a phone or touch.