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Will this memory modules work in my mac mini late 2012, core i7 2,3 GHz

Corsair CMSO16GX3M2A1600C11

This is the website from corsair self: http://www.corsair.com/en/memory-by-product-family/value-select-memory-upgrades/ corsair-memory-16gb-2-x-8gb-ddr3-sodimm-memory-cmso16gx3m2a1600c11.html


If someone can confirm if this will work, i will be very pleased


Thanks in advance,


Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Mac OS X

    I don't see anywhere on that link where the RAM is compatible with Macs.


    My preferred 3rd party RAM vendor is Crucial.com. Others prefer Macsales.com (OWC). Both are compatible with Macs. You may even find the pricing at Crucial less than Corsair's.

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    First of all, thank you for replying.

    I my self live in the Netherlands, so i don't need a vendor where i can buy the memory, but I would like to have confirmation if this memory will work with my mac mini

    I myself can't seem to find it on the internet, if this is will work or not.

    What I did found was this:

    PC3-12800 DDR31600 MHz
    Details:Supports 1600 MHz PC3-12800 DDR3 SO-DIMMs. Also see: How do you upgrade the RAM in the Aluminum "Unibody" Mac mini models? What type of RAM do they use? How much RAM do they actually support?

    But I'm not sure if the memory i wanted to buy is the right one!

    If you can explain if this is the same or not, i will be very grateful!

    Thanks in advance


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    Mac OS X

    I really don't know if it's compatible with your Mac Mini. Hopefully, someone else more familiar with that brand/model of RAM will post. Sorry.

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    Have a look at > Mac mini (Late 2012): Memory specifications and upgrades


    However, I also think that you should buy your RAM from Crucial as keg55 suggested. Because not only do they test there RAM in Apple products (iMac's, Mac Mini's, etc.), but it is $70 less than the Corsair RAM in the link that you provided above.


    see > Computer memory upgrades for Apple Mac Mini from Crucial.com

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    Dear den,

    I live in the Netherlands, so i'm not going to buy it in the US, it just too expensive with the shipping costs.

    I myself found the memory i mentioned above for 86 euro = 111 dollar.

    But I'm not 100 % sure if it will work with my mac mini,

    I will try to call or send an email to the people of this website for more information, but thanks for the information!

    Thank you very much!