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my ipod no longer downloads newly purchased songs. when connected it says it is synced on Itunes but displays a cable and the word "connected" eject before disconnecting on the ipod screen. Any idea's as to what the problem is?

iPod nano
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    Hello there darnau,


    I have a couple things to recommend here. First if you have not already, turn off the iPod Nano, and turn it back on, then try again. From iPod nano (6th generation): Software update version 1.1 changes found here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4531.


    Turning iPod nano off completely and turning it on again

    Hold down the Sleep/Wake button for several seconds to turn iPod nano off completely.

    Note: If the iPod nano (6th generation) is showing that it's charging or attached to a powered accessory or cable, you cannot turn off the iPod until you detach the accessory or cable from the device.


    Possibly even restore the iPod Nano Restoring iPod to factory settings http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1339


    How to restore iPod

    1. Verify that you have an active Internet connection, because you may need to download new versions of the iTunes and iPod Software.
    2. Download and install the latest version of iTunes if necessary.
    3. Open iTunes. Connect your iPod to your computer using the USB or FireWire cable that came with your iPod.
    4. After a few moments, your iPod will appear in the Source panel in iTunes.
    5. Select your iPod in the Source panel. You will see information about your iPod appear in the Summary tab of the main iTunes window.
    6. Click Restore.
    7. If you are using a Mac, you will be asked to enter an administrator’s name and password.
    8. A progress bar will appear on the computer screen, indicating that stage one of the restore process has begun. When this stage is done, iTunes will present one of two messages with instructions specific to the iPod model you are restoring.
      • Disconnect iPod and connect it to iPod Power Adapter (typically applies to older iPod models).
      • Leave iPod connected to computer to complete restore (typically applies newer iPod models).
    9. During stage two of the restore process, the iPod displays an Apple logo as well as a progress bar at the bottom of the display. It is critical that the iPod remain connected to the computer or iPod power adapter during this stage.
      Note: The progress bar may be difficult to see, because the backlight on the iPod display may be off.
    10. After stage two of the restore process is complete, the iTunes Setup Assistant window will appear. It will ask you to name your iPod and choose your syncing preferences, as it did when you connected your iPod for the first time.