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I have a 2nd-generation Apple TV in my living room, and it's currently connected to my router via an Ethernet cable. I need to move it into my bedroom, and for that it can only hookup with Wi-Fi.


I hookup the AppleTV to my bedroom TV, and try to connect it to my Wi-Fi network, and nothing happens. No Ethernet cable is plugged into the AppleTV, only an HDMI and power cable.


I'll go into Settings>General>Network, and WiFi is never available. The only two options are 'Ethernet' and 'Test Network'. It acts like it has retained the previous IP address from when it was plugged in.


I've tried reseting the device, restarting it, and all sorts of other things. I could have sworn this thing used to connect by Wi-Fi all the time before I had an Ethernet cable hooked up to it.


What am I doing wrong? This thing does have a Wi-Fi card in it, right? Why aren't there any options for getting this thing on a wireless network?