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I have a wired USB Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (thin), and I have a major problem.  I'm using this keyboard with multiple Windows computers (some running XP Pro, some running Windows 7), and in order to enter several of these computers' BIOS settings, I need the keyboard to produce a hardware F2 key. What I mean by "hardware F2 key" is that the keyboard needs to send an F2 scan code directly, without software key mapping!


It's trivially easy to remap the key marked "F2" -and- "Increase display brightness" (with a little drawing of a sun - see: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5636?viewlocale=en_US) once I'm already IN Windows (a little freeware util called KeyTweak makes that very easy).  But that's way too late!  What I *need* to do is produce/send the F2 function code directly from the keyboard hardware.


So here's the question: Exactly how do I do that?


I don't care what key or combination of keys I have to press in order to produce the F2 code, but whatever it is it definitely needs to produce the F2 during POST and not after I've already booted!  They key scan/code the "F2/Increase display brightness" produces by default is an extremely useless F15, and from typing every single key on the Apple keyboard one-at-a-time, I can find NOTHING that sends an F2!


It's slightly possible that people using the newer Intel-based Macs have a similar problem, but again,  I'm not using this keyboard with a Macintosh either directly or via Boot Camp/dual-booting.


Thank you!