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I am trying to get all of my home movies from iMovie into iTunes so we can watch them through the Apple TV. Most of the movies have been exported at some point so they are in the media browser. I started by doing one movie at a time and sending it to iTunes, which is fairly quick since it is already exported to the media browser.


I was wondering if I could speed up the process by finding the media browser files and just dragging the folder right to iTunes and getting everything in one swoop.


Does anyone know where the media browser files are stored?



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    If you use SHARE/iTUNES and there is already a Media Browser copy, it should be very fast, because it does not have to render again.


    The physical media browser files are stored in the project.

    Go to your Movies/iMovie Projects folder in the Finder and you should see your projects.

    Right-click on a project and select SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS. There should be a folder in the package called MOVIES. That is where the Media Browser copies are. Be careful not to change anything within the package so you do not cause corruption in your project, but copying movies from the Media Browser should be OK. You will need to name them as well, because the Media Browser copies have generic names based on size.

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    Thanks. I've been doing the share iTunes. I was just hoping there was a faster way than one at a time. I guess not. Summer project in the making.