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I followed the instructions for moving my music (https://discussions.apple.com/message/9118646?messageID=9118646#9118646) as my C Drive was to capacity and my music files were doing it.  However, after completing and reopening ITunes I have several issues:

1) Lost all my playlists

2) Some of my music files are missing but when I go the new location on my D Drive (all are in the same music folder) and double click....by track, I might add, they return to ITunes.

3) When I connected my iPhone 4 to add some music files, all the settings under music are "gone" and it's as if I was doing this for the first time.  I'm asked if I want to delete all the music, etc. files on my phone and re-sync.


Hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this as I foresee a lot of time to be invested to get back to where I was before moving the files.  BTW, all the library files were moved, too, AND everything moved is still in my Recycle folder so not deleted as I want to make sure everything is right before I do the delete thing.  Besides.....I'm backing all the music onto a portable hard drive for safe keeping.




Azus N61J, Windows 7