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My daughter is traveling and studying in Europe for 2 months. She is using an iPad as her computer and her iPhone as her camera. She now has 4,000 photos and thought that photostream would upload pictures to icloud and then I would be able to pull those pictures off of the internet her in the states to give her an extra safe backup.


Initially, Photostream uploaded the first 1,000 pictures to icloud. When I booted up iphoto on a mac in the US logged into my daughters icloud account on her mac, those 1,000 photos were downloaded and copied to her iphoto app and saved locally. After it reached the first 1,000, iphoto would delete one - three photos at a time from the view of Photostream in iPhoto and then pull down a couple more photo's from iCloud. I am not sure if all of my daughters pictures were already in iCloud or if when this was happening her iPhone happened to be uploading photos on a slow wifi. I saw this experience during the last 2 days.


My daughter has told me that she has received messages that she has exceeded her daily photostream uploads.


She purchased a camera attachement to connect the IPhone to the iPad and unfortunatly every time she connects her iphone to the ipad the entire picture library on her phone is duplicated on the ipad. Since she has connect the two devices 5 times so now she has 5 copies of the most recent pictures and 4 copies of those she had when she connected before that and so on.


This is a very frustrating experience since she would really like to use her iphone as her primary camera but without any way to back up her photos she is at serious risk of loosing her pictures if her phone is stolen. Wifi in her hotels and dorm room is not very fast so backing up to iCloud is not really a great solution but at this point seems to be her only option.


Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, IPad 4 with latest software update

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