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I use outlook 2010 with multiple email accounts. One is a Live.com MAPI connector account, the others are IMAP accounts. As there is no POP account, Outlook automatically creates an "Outlook Data Store" (pst file) with no attached inbox, I believe mainly for an SMTP outbox to send mail from the  IMAP accounts.


I Sync contacts from Outlook via iTunes to my iPhone 4. iTunes seems to only look at one location (e.g. pst file or MAPI folder or an Exchange account) in outlook for contact folders to sync with. Previously this was the "contacts folder in the Outlook Data Store" (pst file), however yesterday it flipped to the contacts folder within the Live.com MAPI connector account. I do not believe I made any changes that would have instigated this change. However it may have occurred when I installed the latest iTunes release. This has meant moving several contact folders around and as MAPI does not allow configuration of subfolders under the online contacts folder, organisation of contacts has become harder.


Does anyone know how to force which location in Outlook (pst file, MAPI folder etc) iTunes syncs with?


Other points:

  1. My Outlook default mail account is set to one of the IMAP accounts, which has never been selected by iTunes as the folder to Sync with.
  2. I'm running IOS 6.13 and iTunes 11.03.42


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iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3