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Jeff Kuo Level 2 Level 2
Thinking of getting a HD TV Tuner for my MacMini.
I'm leaning towards the TVMini HD because I only have 1 firewire port and TVMIni HD is smaller.
but I can buy an EyeTV 500 for about $199 instead of TVMini HD which is $249.

Any feedback on both units? what do you suggest?

G4 Dual 800, PowerBook 15 SuperDrive, iBook 12
  • tsvisser Level 3 Level 3
    I have the EyeTV 500. I like this unit because it has 2 seperate coax inputs, one for cable and the other for OTA antenna. Because I use both, this is an advantage for me.

    Remember too, that there are 2 firewire ports on the EyeTV 500, so you can always pass thru and chain your next device on the buss.

    I have not used the TVMini HD, so have no comment on that.
  • Jeff Kuo Level 2 Level 2
    how's the reception on the eyeTV 500? Which antenna are you using and if the software will automatically add both cable and HDTV antenna input.

    I'm leaning more towards the EyeTV 500 because it can do both but the only channel i watch is HDTV only and I dont have HDTV via my cable company.
  • tsvisser Level 3 Level 3
    reception seems good. i'm using it in downtown NYC, though, so i think the signal is strong, just a lot of multipath. i am using a winegard SS-2000 "squareshooter" which is probably the wrong antenna for me, since it is amplified, but seems to be doing well, especially since it is sitting between my window and window screen, vice putting it on the roof of the building.

    you can do an auto search of QAM HD cable and ATSC HD OTA, each as a seperate search. for me, assigning cable channel ID's was pretty much a manual affair, using Titan TV as a guide.

    there are a couple of OTA channels that do not have stong signal strength, but this is most likely due to poor antenna placement. because I get the channels in question via QAM cable, I haven't bothered to try fixing it yet.
  • Mac Mac Mac Level 1 Level 1
    If you don't get hdtv from your cable company but normal cable can it work with the TVMini HD? I think the TvMini HD is better.
  • Jeff Kuo Level 2 Level 2
    got the eyeTV 500 and OTA antenna HD works great..
    but I can not get normal Cable to work.
    I don't have a cable box and I don't have HD content from my provider, just digital cable.
    eyeTV 500 will not find any channels on the cable side.
    do I have a bad box? or do I need to have a digial cable box from the cable company?

    Jeff Kuo